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This is really an opportunity for you to learn how to communicate with other human beings, so when you find a match they say "YES".
#1 International Best Seller

“Selling” typically means someone is pitching. Stop pitching!!! We must move beyond these old techniques and tools. Selling is not about transactions. It is about connecting with another human being on a deeper level, finding a win-win, where all parties will be able to fulfill both their personal and business goals. Steve teaches how to easily share your gifts, knowledge, products and services with your perfect client and get paid well for it, without hard selling.

No matter what area of business you are in, this will enhance your ability to influence results across all facets of your business; Sales & Negotiation, Leadership, and/or Joint Business Ventures.
What You Will Learn

Simplify the Process

Simplify the process of gaining clients. Less stress, more
time, and more returns. 

Serve More People

Serve more people, while also growing your business (at the same time!). 

Free Yourself of Nasty Clients

Free yourself of nasty clients and only work with your perfect clients (what I call “Wow Clients.”) 

Stop Guessing & Start Knowing

Stop guessing and start knowing what your clients want, with certainty.

Attract Perfect Clients

Attract the perfect client, over and over again. You’ll learn exactly what to say, so you can create an amazing client base, and generate predictable revenue. 

Build Trust & Rapport

Build trust and rapport with your client’s deepest pain, and why this is SO important—99% of people (entrepreneurs?) avoid this crucial process. This is why their customers forget them.

Understand Your Client's Desires

Understand your client’s deepest desires, beyond what they tell you they want, to find if they are a match for your Capture Clients; Close Deals xvi business. With this, your clients will feel like you have read their minds, and connected with their hearts. 

Make Offers With Confidence

Make offers with confidence and ease, AND hear the word YES more often (from the clients your really want). 

Carve Out a New Path For Your Business & For Your Life

Apply these skills, step-by-step, into your business and your life—so that you can succeed, with ease, at both! By the inch it is easy. By the mile it is impossible. Adding and changing things requires you to manage what is going on in your business now, so that you can begin to carve out a new path.
What People Are Saying
"Steve does such a great job of breaking down the process of getting clients into key strategies, but then also provides you with the step-by-step recipes -the activities - to achieve those strategies."

Francis J. Perino

Roanoke, TX
"If you're someone who must sell your services to earn a living, this is a must-read book! Steve provides a step-by-step system for attracting prospective clients, having sales conversations with them, and closing the sale!"

Charles J. Riley

Fargo, ND
"I love books you can both learn from, but also refer back to as a tool. I have recommended this book to anyone starting a business or feeling challenged in their existing business to find clients."

Patricia R. Gantz

Bellflower, CA
About the Author, Steve Napolitan
Learn from #1 international best-selling author and award winning marketer, Mr. Steve Napolitan, who typically works with entrepreneurs, C-level executives, coaches and consultants, that are challenged with not knowing how to grow, are struggling, or maybe find themselves stuck, and a lot of times feel alone. He’s helped his clients reach millions more, literally, in traffic, impressions and revenue. Most importantly he helps grow their business, while they gain their life. He’s an international speaker and has worked with fortune 500 companies, such as Apple, Intel, Charles Schwab and Nestle.
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